Summertime – it is the season for ultimate frozen treats to cool you down, barbecues to celebrate the weather that usually end with some type of sweet treat. Despite all of this sweetness, we here at Sweet Freedom, are here to tell you that summer is the best time to give up sugar.

No, you didn’t misunderstand us. Yes, that’s right – now is the time to give up sugar.

You may be concerned for what this means for your summertime indulgences but just hear us out:

Giving up sugar is difficult and requires a strategy and the summer months provide an excellent jumping off point for that strategy.

The summer months provide a bounty of fresh produce that are in season. Not only do you have access to all of these beautifully grown vegetables but your sweetness can come from the most natural source – naturally ripened fruit.

Because of the exponential growth of the food system, we have access to fruit year round but to be able to eat locally is special to the summer months. This means our bodies are ready to accept these naturally sweet powerhouses of nutrients.

The sun is another huge part of the strategy to give up sugar during summer. With more sunlight, your mood is naturally elevated. When you’re in high spirits it means that you are less likely to turn to sugar for comfort.

Not only is the sunlight out more during the day, but the days are longer which means there is more opportunity to be outside and active. When you’re moving your body and connecting with your surroundings, you are far less likely to be thinking about your next sugar hit.

On a more superficial note, warmer weather means less clothes and less opportunities to hide those parts of you that you’re not so keen on showing. When you decide to give up sugar you are making a major positive change for your health that will show up for you physically as well.

The summer months are a time for lighter clothing and feeling lighter so embrace the challenge while the cards are stacked in your favor.

You don’t need a New Year’s Resolution to give up sugar so invest in yourself today and check out our online program.