Sweet Freedom Ambassador Program

Is your audience interested in giving up sugar?

Sweet Freedom is dedicated to ending sugar addiction and we would love to share our transformative products with your audience! When you refer your audience to one of our products, you’ll receive a commission.

Please email kevin@sweetfreedomlife.com for more information.

Affiliate referrals made easy

We make it simple to start earning referral income


Once you’ve been approved for the Sweet Freedom Ambassador Program, you’ll be given a unique affiliate link that you can share on your website, webinars, social media, video tutorials, educational courses — however you choose.


The more you promote, the more you earn! Use one of our email templates or feel free to promote in your own way.


Earn up to 50% commission on sales made from your referral link.


How Does It Work?

After you have signed up, you will have a variety of unique affiliate links to choose from. These links will range from links to checkout pages, sales page, sign up forms, or webinar registration forms. When a prospective customer clicks on one of these links, it will place a cookie on the prospective customer’s browser for 30 days. As long as the customer purchases from our site using the same browser and the purchase is made within that 30 day time period, the transaction will be counted as an Affiliate transaction and you will receive your % of the commissioned sale.

Who Can Apply?

Anyone! If you have a big audience, or simply want to recommend our programs to a friend, you can become an affiliate and earn 50% on all commissions made.

How Will I Get Paid?

All payments are made through PayPal.

How Long Until I Get Paid?

All revenue from the 21 Day Challenge eBook will be paid out at the end of each month.

All revenue for the 8 Week program will be held for at least 60-75 days before it is paid out. This is in the case of a customer making use of our 60 day money back guarantee.

Can I Purchase From My Own Link?

No. We have safeguards in place to prevent affiliates from getting commissions from themselves.

Didn’t Find an Answer?


Send us your questions to kevin@sweetfreedomlife.com with the subject ‘Ambassador Program‘ and we will happily get back to you as soon as possible.