To be successful in any diet, whether it’s keto, paleo or vegan, all nuritionist agree you must do this one thing.

Eat Real Food.

Many people are unable to do this because they are so addicted to processed foods like sugar and flour.

I’m sure you’ve tried to go on a strict diet before, and maybe you’ve had some success.

But as soon as you inevitably see that box of donuts staring at you from across the room, all plans of staying on your strict diet go straight out the window.

Before you know it, you’re back on the train to sugar city.

This is why at Sweet Freedom, we focus on helping you get free from your addiction to processed foods, so that you are then free to follow an eating lifestyle that suites you.

Once you have cured your addiction to processed foods, sugars and flours, you’ll find a freedom where you don’t have to worry about yo-yo dieting, or forcing yourself sticking to a strict diet.

We call this Sweet Freedom.

Start here to begin your Sweet Freedom journey.

? Real Food ?

We aim to move everyone away from processed fake foods like sugar, and towards real natural foods. All our recipes are made will real whole foods! You can see them here.

? Real Life ?

We know for most people, going 100% sugar-free for the rest of your life is unrealistic. We teach realistic, sustainable progress (not perfection!) towards a healthy relationship with food.

? Real Joy ?

Sugar will only make you happy for the short moments you taste it. Long-term sugar consumption has been linked to depression and anxiety. Experience real joy, on the other side of sugar addiction!

Plant-Based ?

Experience has taught us that a plant-based approach is the most effective way of healing the damage caused by sugar and reversing sugar addiction.

We believe that if people incorporated more natural, plant-based foods to their diet, it will be healthier for their bodies and for the planet.

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Meet Sherry Strong

Sherry is a chef, food philosopher and nutritionist and founder of Sweet Freedom. She was the Victorian Chair of Nutrition Australia, Melbourne President of Slow Food , the Co-Founder of the World Wellness Summit and author of Return To Food, ( as well as breaker of chains and mother of dragons!). Sherry has a powerful story of overcoming sugar and food addiction having been twice her present size.