Sweet Freedom Approved Products

We often get questions about what sweeteners, oils and seasoning are Sweet Freedom Approved. This page will provide links to the natural products we use, as well as information on what to look out for when buying these products so you can create a healthy sugar free diet.

Natural Sweeteners

The number one question I get asked is, what do I use to sweeten my food? Whilst many of the meals I eat are savoury, I still like to enjoy a homemade sweet treat, but when I do indulge, I make sure that my source of sweetness is as natural and un-refined as possible. But remember, even though these sources of sugar are a healthier option, too much of these sugars will cause an imbalance in the body, so keep your consumption to a minimum.

Here are the sweeteners I have on hand in my pantry.

Cooking Equipment

High quality cooking equipment is not only essential for the best tasting food, but it is also crucial to your health. Many pans and tools are coated with enamel which can leak into the foods you are cooking. This has been known to lead to many health issues including cancer.

Here is my list of Sweet Freedom Approved Cookware that I personally use in my kitchen.


Processed Oils account for the largest portion of unhealthy foods in people’s diets. Switching to a healthier oil and using them at the correct time, can dramatically increase not just the flavour of your meal, but also the health impacts.

Here are my go-to oils for cooking and for dressings.


Regular table salt has been processed to such a degree that it has been stripped of nearly all its nutrients. Investing in high quality sea salt or rock salt, means that your salt will have up to 84 vital minerals and taste way better! High quality seasonings are essential to great tasting, healthy food.

Here are my go-to seasonings.


For the most part, I aim to get all of my nutrition from natural whole foods. But I have found it important to keep a stack of supplements available to assist with optimum nutrition and healing. When selecting supplements, make sure they are from natural, organic sources with minimal processing.

Here is my list of go-to supplements to assist you on your Sweet Freedom Journey.

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