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Hi, I’m Sherry Strong! There was a time in my life where I would start each day with ½ litre of Chocolate Ice Cream.
Discover how 20 years later, I am living my strongest, healthiest & happiest life, free from sugar addiction.

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Join the hundreds of people are adapting their palate to a healthier diet and living their Sweet Freedom life! We dedicate this section to our Sweet Freedom Heroes, who have made inspiring changes in their life and truly embody Sweet Freedom.

21 Day Sugar Free Program

? 50 Healthy Sugar Free Recipes
? Weekly Meal Plans & Shopping Lists
? 4 Levels of Difficulty for all levels of Sugar Addiction
? Tips & Strategies to crush sugar cravings
? FREE BONUS: 7 Day Eat Less Sugar Challenge

Sherry’s Story

“I was sick, obese, tired and wanted to die. That all changed when I got off sugar.”
Hi, I’m Sherry and although my last name is Strong for a good part of my life I felt anything but strong…

    8 Week Online Program

    This program takes place over 8 weeks with a tested and proven strategic process. Sherry will guide you, along with our wonderful, supportive community in live group sessions so you always feel supported.

    We don’t have you giving up sugar until the 4th week. First we build up your body and mind to make the process of giving up sugar easier and more sustainable. 

    7 Day Eat Less Sugar Challenge

    ? Every Monday-Sunday
    ? Gradually develop a healthy palate
    ? Reduce cravings whilst still eating sweet treats

    ? Tips & Strategies to crush sugar cravings