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Learning how to go sugar free and tackling sugar addiction can seem a daunting task. But on board the Sweet Freedom Train, you’ll have plenty of support and resources to help you on your journey.

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The first step to transforming your relationship with food, is to learn how addicted to sugar you really are.

Take our “How Addicted to Sugar are you?” Quiz to learn your level of sugar addiction, from there we will let you know the next best course of action to take.

Join The Community

We are building a movement of Sweet Freedom Fighters and everybody is welcome! Follow us on one of our many social media accounts to hop on board the Sweet Freedom Train.

7 Day Eat Less Sugar Challenge

Not feeling ready to give up your favourite sugary treats? We’ve got you covered!

Our 7 Day Eat Less Sugar Challenge is your first step on the journey to Sweet Freedom. The challenge takes place every Monday – Sunday and we guide you through a strategy to gradually reduce your sugar consumption, culminating in a Sugar-Free Sunday!

21 Day Sugar Free Program

? 50 Easy Sugar-Free Recipes that help curb sugar cravings
? Weekly Meal Plans & Shopping Lists
? 4 Levels of Difficulty for all levels of Sugar Addiction
? Tips & Strategies to manage sugar cravings
? FREE BONUS: 7 Day Eat Less Sugar Challenge

8 Week Online Program

This program takes place over 8 weeks with a tested and proven strategic process along with providing delicious diabetic friendly recipes. Sherry will guide you, along with our wonderful, supportive community in live group sessions so you always feel supported.

We don’t have you giving up sugar until the 4th week. First we build up your body and mind to make the process of giving up sugar easier and more sustainable.

Private Coaching

Looking for a more in-depth and personal approaching to Sweet Freedom?

We have various 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions available to suit your needs. All 1-on-1 sessions will take place either in person or on Skype, Zoom or your preferred method of video/audio calls