Sweet Freedom Hero – Christina

“I have struggled with food and sugar my whole life. I have tried more nutritional approaches than I can even remember including some really wacky ones. I have even quit sugar “cold turkey”  several times. I’ve studied the subject and done a lot of emotional work around it. And even with all of that, I was still at sugar’s mercy…

Hear Christina’s Story

“…And I confess, I started the Sweet Freedom Online Program with more reservations than enthusiasm. But I knew it had at least one thing I had never had in my earlier attempts at quitting and that was community. Research shows that community is a key factor for continued success. And so I thought even if I get nothing else I’ll get that. I ended up getting so much more.

Sherry takes a wholistic approach to getting free of sugar (that comes from her personal experience) and week by week takes you on a journey to identify what drives your addiction, what will motivate you to change and real world tools to help the change stick.

She is knowledgeable, compassionate, unconditional, honest and funny. Her belief that you can do it is unshakable and before you know it you actually are. For probably the first time in my life I know I am stronger than sugar and though it may still tempt me it doesn’t control me. A month ago I couldn’t have said that. And that feels like a miracle.

I am so grateful to have found this program and can’t  recommended it enough.  A big shout out  to Sherry and my fellow travellers on the Sweet Freedom train. I wouldn’t have done without you. “

Christina Hennig


Monika Wolfenden

“Down to earth approach. Not hard to stick to meal plans. Sherry is extremely knowledgeable in her field. Real life solutions. Highly recommend.”


Marina Giokas

“Love this programme, and Sherry has an amazing wealth of knowledge, that she very freely shares in these programmes. Great recipes that are super easy for anyone to execute, which makes this programme all that much more approachable, workable leading to success. Thank you Sherry for all that you do, very much appreciated.”


Pam Dennis

“Sweet Freedom provides numerous, really delicious recipes that have taught me how to eat sugar free - my friends are even clamouring for the recipes! Sherry also provides a supportive, on-line platform with other people in the program that has been instrumental in my 3 months of “sugar freedom”. For the first time, I can see myself having long term success in eating a healthy, balanced diet which I had pretty much given up hope in achieving. I feel better than I have in years and I am enjoying my “Sweet Freedom” immensely.”


Jenni White

"I loved the program I did with Sherry. I was so inspired I sent it to my Mom and my sister! Sherry teaches you everything from your emotional connection to food and triggers to reach for comforting foods like dairy, sugar and wheat / bread. I had no idea how programmed I was until I started watching her videos and then took her course. I wish everyone would do this! We would save ourselves from so much dis-ease and discomfort!"


Romny French

“I was pre-diabetic for years and had been struggling to get to a healthy A1C. Doing the Sweet Freedom Program helped me get over that threshold and now I’m out of pre-diabetic range.”


Gina Sauer

“I have been working with Sherry for many years and I have taken almost every course/program she has offered.
Sweet Freedom is THE program to take back your power and end the hold that sugar has on you. The most valuable tool I acquired from Sherry and the Sweet Freedom program is that LOVE is the most important ingredient/tool in life, in all areas, most importantly when doing the inner work. I highly recommend Sweet Freedom and Sherry Strong.”


Andy Parker

“A year ago I was drinking soda every almost everyday of the week. I couldn't imagine my life without it. Now my taste buds have adapted to natural whole foods, I can't stand the taste of soda, it's way too sweet for me! These programs work!”

Hear Jodi’s Story

It’s difficult to sum up the Sweet Freedom Online Program in just a few sentences because it has been so life changing for me! I’m 62 years old and have tried many weight loss programs and stopping sugar programs with no lasting result. However with this program I’ve truly found freedom! Upon starting the program I had no confidence that I could give up processed sugar but I decided to commit to attending the meetings and doing the homework. I heard principles in this program that I never heard before and that I can follow for life not just until the program is over. I also appreciate the honest and loving manner in which the program is presented. I’m so happy, I could just shout!!

Delcie Miller

The Sweet Freedom program has proven to be the missing puzzle piece to the achievement of a healthy relationship with food that my soul has been searching for. When I began the program, my Food Journey was filled with exhaustion, mixed messages and bewilderment on how to nourish myself and my family. Upon completion, I am delighted to discover a new confidence in nourishing food choices and preparation, a trust in my body’s needs and signals and a clear vision of life free from sugar and processed foods.

Sara Perizzolo 

I recently completed the Sweet Freedom 8-week program which also included the Sweet Freedom 30-day challenge and I feel amazing.

While working through the 30-day challenge I noticed many positive changes. Within a week I had more energy, I felt lighter, the weight seemed to start to drop off immediately. I felt rested in the mornings and ready for the day instead of sluggish and wishing for bed time again before my eyes were even open. Symptoms of plantar fasciitis in my feet and carpal tunnel in my wrist and sleep apnea have all but disappeared. Migraines that were occurring at least twice a month have been nonexistent. My skin feels fabulous and my husband has noted on a couple of occasions that I look younger.

I went from a size 18 to a size 14 in less than a month. I am once again wearing clothes that have been collecting dust for a very long time in my closet.

I do not miss sugar or the way that I know it was making me feel. I have finally found Sweet Freedom! (such an appropriate name for this program!)

Eugenia Sauer 

As a Nutritional Consultant and Ayurvedic Diet & Lifestyle Practitioner, I’m always trying to get to the root of health challenges.  Taking Sherry’s Sweet Freedom course helped me not only discover the deep-rooted reasons of my own sugar addiction but gave me WHY.  Something that no other programs offer.  The level of support in a safe environment added to the small changes in my body, mind and spirit made a big impact.

 Romny S. French

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