Candida albicans is a type of yeast that is present in everyone. It lives in our gut and on our skin. Under normal circumstances, the yeast is kept in check by the friendly bacteria that lives in our gut. As our diets become highly processed and we increase our consumption of sugar and artificial sweeteners, we increase the incidence of candida. This is because sugar and artificial sweeteners feed the yeast and allow it to reproduce and multiply.

So what happens when candida creates an imbalance in our gut? It can lead to exhaustion, fatigue, bad breath, yeast infections, hormone imbalances, joint pain, and even loss of libido. The best way to address this imbalance is to use an anti-Candida lifestyle strategy. This protocol aims at minimizing sugar, increasing probiotics and increasing natural probiotic foods. Raw and fermented foods are fantastic for getting good bacteria into the gut in order to essentially crowd out the bad.

The Sweet Freedom program offers a Candida specific guide because starting a candida protocol can be quite overwhelming. In the meantime, take these simple steps in order to feel more energetic, have a brighter disposition, or rid yourself of that chronic bad breath caused by candida:

1. Only eat natural forms of sugar, this means no processed foods that hide sugars in the most unlikely places
2. Eat these natural sugars in a balanced manner and remember that if they are eaten out of the context that they are found in nature (meaning a high amount and high frequency of consumption), this can cause an imbalance in the gut
3. Avoid alcohol – increased alcohol consumption can contribute to candida growth
4. Avoid all processed foods as they are packed with artificial sweeteners and highly processed sugars

Remember that candida is stubborn so bringing your body back into balance is going to take a lot of work from many angles. Dietary change is a huge part of achieving that balance but it may not be the only thing that needs to be done to keep the Candida in check. In many cases, antifungal herbs, such as oil of oregano, can help with the Candida overgrowth. Remember to always consult a trusted health practitioner before beginning the use of any herbal medicine.

Don’t get discouraged and remember to incorporate lots of variety into your diet so that you can sustain the protocol. Also remember that one of the best ways to bring your body into balance is through the power of your own mind. If you’re on the journey to balance then remember that balance within your mind will manifest in balance within the body and in many cases can be the powerful deciding factor between sickness and health.

Access to more information and a Candida guide is provided with the Sweet Freedom program.