The heavens have opened! We discovered the World’s Best Diet. You may be confused at this point as Sweet Freedom has always championed an anti-diet approach. Don’t worry, we’re not turning on you.

What you need to know about the diet industry is that when it comes to dealing with how humans operate, diets only address the tip of the iceberg (diet and exercise). Anything underneath the surface (mental, emotional, spiritual reasons) is not addressed and therefore is the reason why diets fail.

There is no ONE diet that works for everyone. Our planet depends on people to have different ways of eating in order to sustain biodiversity.

If you’ve ever tried to diet and found that it felt unnatural, hard and unsustainable, we hear you and we have the answer.

There is a way to eat that works for your body and the planet which differs depending on where you are on the planet. It is species specific and does not promote abstinence or restriction.

The best and healthiest way to eat is to eat what nature dictates. The challenge is that we no longer live in a natural world and navigating that is tricky to say the least.

Here at Sweet Freedom, we will guide you to the world’s best diet ‘for you’ by looking to nature.

By asking yourself a simple question, you will be able to determine what and how certain items fit into the way you eat. Does this item occur in its current state in nature?

By putting your diet into the context of nature, you can get a clear idea of what is best for you to eat. That which is most abundant, we are meant to have most of. What is most available is best for us (think air, water, vegetation).

Nature is infinitely wise and it has figured out a way to balance our diet with the surrounding ecosystem. This balance gets severely out of whack as soon as you walk into a grocery store.

All the measures that nature takes to curb our consumption of certain items go right out the window when it comes to our current food system.

So what is the best diet for humans? Nature’s diet. Find out more about what this means for you with the Sweet Freedom Online program.