You know that feeling when you reach your travel destination after a long flight and you just feel like crap? It almost feels like there’s no way to avoid it.

Here at Sweet Freedom we recognize the difficulties of being healthy while we travel. From airplane food packed with sugar, salt and additives to feeling stressed and reaching for a candy bar before boarding your flight in the airport – it seems impossible to stay on track when you fly.

Despite all of the reasons why it is difficult to be healthy while we travel, we love to jet set so we’ve pulled together the best tips for you to actually feel good when you arrive and not like a bloated mess.

  1. Travel with your own water bottle

It’s difficult to obtain high quality water when you travel considering you can’t bring your own spring water through security – so travel with your own bottle in case you find a water filling station once you’re in the terminal. This also allows you to avoid the xenoestrogen filled plastic water bottles they sell in the airport and hand out on the plane.

If you really want some high quality spring water during your travels, then fill a good quality water bottle and store it in your checked luggage so that you can have it when you arrive.

  1. Bring a high protein homemade bar or trail mix

Having one of these on hand when you’re stomach starts rumbling at the gate will satiate you so that you’re not giving in to salty pretzels and cookies being handed out on the plane.

  1. Travel with herbal tea bags

The free soda they offer you on the plane can be tempting but the carbonation mixed with the highly processed and sky high sugar content will send your blood sugar through the roof in an already stressful period of travel. Not to mention the bloat after sitting in a plane for several hours. Having your own tea bags is perfect so you can ask the flight attendant for some boiling water to enjoy your own little on-flight treat.

  1. Travel with an orange

It sounds too simple to work but when you get stressed out and a little bit “hangry”, the act of peeling, smelling and sectioning an orange can give you some pause and calm. You end up being even more satiated when you slow down and nourish yourself with nature’s sweetness because you’re getting all the fiber and nutrients that come along with the sweetness of fresh orange juice.

  1. Bring supplies!

Last but possibly most helpful, if you bring your own travel utensil and collapse-able bowl kit then you are ready at all times to whip up a nutritious meal as long as you can find a market with fresh produce. This means you can go buy all of your ingredients and create a deliciously nourishing salad with local ingredients right in your hotel room. Sherry travels with a collapse-able bowl, fruit knife, utensils, small cutting board, and citrus juicer in her checked luggage. No more crappy hotel food from room service – you get to be in charge of your own eating on your travels!

Don’t forget to do your research – wherever you are headed to – look up where a good health food store is and stock up on nourishing foods during your stay.