Coconut oil has recently come under fire in the press after receiving an immense amount of praise from the health food community. The claims made around coconut oil are extensive and range from topical beauty uses to dietary weight loss claims. So why has coconut oil recently been deemed evil?

As you know, here at Sweet Freedom, we love good science and turning to the principles of nature when science cannot directly answer our questions. So we are here to deliver you the relieving news: No, coconut oil is NOT the devil and yes, it does matter which type of coconut oil you are buying.

If you’re buying coconut oil that has been highly refined, heated, and processed, then you are not getting the benefit of the vast health claims that have been made about the substance. So what kind of coconut oil should you be buying? Here’s the Sweet Freedom approach:

  1. Look for coconut oil that is sold in glass rather than plastic

This is the more environmentally friendly choice, however, if you’re looking to buying a large tub of coconut oil that comes in plastic, you can decant portions into a mason jar as you go. Remember to store in a cool dark place.

  1. Look for an oil with a delicate coconut smell

This can be difficult because there is a spectrum to coconut smells. If there is no smell, the oil has most likely been heated, refined and deodorized which means it’s nutrients have been severely diminished. If the smell seems almost like an overpowering synthetic coconut smell, this means the aroma compounds have been made stronger, but it does NOT mean that the healing qualities have been enhanced. So look for a coconut oil with a nice, delicate coconut smell.

  1. Look for cold-pressed and sustainably sourced

It’s easy to be fooled by the labels on coconut oil so do your research into some brands and find one that sustainably sources their coconuts. Also be sure that they practice cold pressing so that you know the oil hasn’t been exposed to heat prior to packaging.

Once you’ve found a reliable source that provides you with a high quality coconut oil, you can be confident in lathering up your skin, hair and cooking your favorite dish with the product. As with any major health food controversy, make sure you are relying on GOOD SCIENCE before you open up your wallet and always return to the principles that nature has laid out for us before jumping on the bandwagon to demonize the latest health food.