Baked goods are the ultimate treat, and if you’ve ever made a batch of cookies, you know how difficult it can be to resist when the stack of cookies is cooling off right within arms reach. Often, binge baking ends up in binge indulging and the treat mentality of “I deserve this” can land you ten cookies deep, wondering who you were making the cookies for in the first place.

Knowing yourself and your style of “treating yourself” is essential to learning about how baking can fit into your life. In the beginning stages of addressing your sugar addiction, it may not be the wisest thing to sign up for making dessert for a get together. This is just asking for leftovers at your fingertips. If you know that you don’t yet have the ability to say no to a treat in the house, then actively keep treats out of the house.

With healthier and natural alternatives, baking can be an extremely exciting journey to finding out healthy ways to make your favorite treats. This can also be a tricky path to walk. Just because the ingredients are natural and are considered healthy alternatives, doesn’t mean that eating mass amounts of them is healthy.

So what can you do to navigate this confusing and tempting world of healthy desserts while you’re on the journey to heal your sugar addiction?

1. Find an external source

One trick to consider is to find an eatery in town that offers your favorite healthy dessert treat. By recognizing that this exists outside your home, if you truly feel that you “deserve” the treat, then you will make the effort to travel and buy this dessert. This gives you the opportunity to return home to an inviting and nourishing environment that doesn’t tempt you around every corner. It also makes sure that you don’t have unlimited access to excessive volumes of the dessert as making a large batch of cookies often does.

2. Freeze the extra for later!

Another trick, maybe to reserve for later on when youre journey through addressing sugar is a bit more evolved. You can bake at home, but reserve a portion of the batter or dough by freezing it for later use. That way, you can bake up some cookies when you’re planning on having guests without being overloaded by the amount of leftover cookies. Warning: This tip is not advised for those who fancy indulging in frozen cookie dough

3. Finally, know yourself and be true to that

The bottom line is that baking is fun and treating yourself feels good. Know yourself and stay true to that throughout your journey. Set yourself up for success by making your home a place of nourishment not a place of temptation and before you know it, being able to bake a beautiful cake for a friend and savor a small slice will be far sweeter than any cookie binge session.