Today, Sweet Freedom is taking on a touchy subject. It seems most individuals are striving toward a certain size to make them happy. They think that if they just get to a certain shape they will be at their healthiest and best self.

What we are here to divulge is that your size is not inherently indicative of your level of health. It might be crazy to think but someone that is technically obese can actually be healthier than someone who is at their ideal size.

This may seem confusing but let’s break this down. If we think of the body as a physical structure we can confidently say that if you are providing it with crap materials, the end result will be a crap structure. On the other hand, if we are providing it with nourishing and natural materials, the end result will be a generally healthy and more highly functioning structure.

Now we can apply this to humans of different sizes. If an extremely fit person who exercises daily is constantly filling their stomach with crap food, the end result, even if their size is indicative of health, is going to be a crap structure. There is no amount of exercise that is going to “work off” toxic chemicals in unhealthy food.

This means that someone who is generally overweight because they are overeating natural foods is better off than the person who appears fit but is much more prone to injury and disease because their building blocks are of much lower quality.

This is not to say that being overweight is healthy. What we are about to say may be politically incorrect but please remember that is coming from a place of love:

In a time where body acceptance and self love is growing in our culture, we need to be careful not to glorify extremely unhealthy weights. This applies to being both under and overweight.

Your body is amazing at any size because of its physical and chemical abilities so it is imperative to recognize when it is calling out for you to nourish it. No matter what size you’re at you need to tap into a place of gratitude for all that your body does for you.

Once you get to this place and are able to nourish it from a place of self-love, the more you will want to do to enhance its abilities. We can do this by eating the way nature intended and listening to it when it whispers, so we don’t have to hear it scream.

We hope you start that journey today from a place of deep gratitude and if you need any assistance along the way, we’re here to help.