The Sweet Freedom approach to great skin is not focused on solely appealing to one’s vanity. It is, however, about realizing the impact that sugar can have on your skin. There are so many people who struggle with constantly trying to have clear and vibrant skin.

Most often, these people will go to dermatologists and get recommendations for topical creams and even harsh medication for the treatment of skin issues. What people tend not to realize is that there is absolutely a connection between what you’re eating and what is going on with your skin.

Most people tend to think of the skin as a complete barrier. While it does protect our internal organs from the elements and can be affected from the outside, it can also exhibit signs of issues going on INSIDE your body.

Your skin is something that we call an “emunctory organ”. Like the kidney and the liver, the skin is also responsible for ridding the body of waste products. When we eat highly inflammatory foods, they produce waste products within the body that need to be excreted. If our liver and kidneys are overloaded with processing all of this waste, the skin is also taxed with excreting these substances.

This is not to say that all skin conditions can be treated with dietary change, but it does put more control into your hands when it comes to dealing with inflammation of the skin. If you are plagued by consistently irritated skin and stubborn acne, take a look at what is going into your body. By cleaning up what is going into your mouth, you may be better able to aid your body in ridding acne and giving you clear and vibrant skin.

The major culprits that most often contribute to skin issues are as follows:


And refined sugar, more specifically. When your diet is full of refined sugars, your body is most likely in a semi-constant state of inflammation. When this happens, certain enzymes are produced that break down proteins in our skin, this can cause wrinkling in your skin. When these sugars make their way through the bloodstream, they can attach to those proteins in our skin and consequently contribute to acne.


Like sugar, refined starches can have a HUGE impact on your skin. Ingesting wheat products like bagels, toast, cereal, pizza and sandwich bread can also put your body in a state of inflammation. This inflammation can manifest in the condition of your skin and keep your body in an imbalanced state.


We live in a society where the dairy industry has successfully sold the idea that growing individuals need cow’s milk as an important source of calcium to grow strong bones. This is a difficult paradox because so many people who are growing and going through puberty also struggle with acne. The substance that they are told is optimal for their growth is also contributing to the severity of their acne. Cow’s milk contains strong hormones designed to grow a baby calf into a full grown cow and these hormones, when ingested, cause our skin to overproduce oils which can increase the severity of acne.

So, the next time you break out in hives or deal with a severe bout of acne, make sure to take a good look at what is going INTO your body, not just ONTO it, because you have more power over the condition of your skin than you think.