There are so many people that supplement sugar addiction with caffeine addiction. Take a frappuccino, for example. With 66 grams of sugar and a jolt of caffeine, you’ve got a recipe for feeding both your sugar and caffeine addictions while sending your blood sugar through the roof, only to experience an inevitable crash later on.

Not only are these drinks packed with sugar and caffeine, they can have dangerous chemicals used as coloring agents and preservatives. Dairy can also be a huge component of these drinks which only makes them even more inflammatory. This means your daily pick-me-up is actually costing you your health. It can even feel like you just can’t live your life without that daily frappuccino. Turning to tea can be your best tool.

Many times, the largest part of the addiction is the physical act of going to your favorite coffee shop, ordering and holding the drink in your hand. So how can you transition into making this addiction a healthier habit?

1. Start with substitution.

It may feel weird at first but try phasing out your high sugar drink for a coffee with nondairy milk and no sweeteners. When you get comfortable with this, turn to tea! Many coffee shops have great selections of tea so if you’re looking for an afternoon pick me up at your favorite coffee spot, go for a hot tea instead.

2. Experiment at home!

Making your own tea can be intimidating at first but once you dive in, you realize just how easy it is to make a nourishing and delicious cup of tea. Whether you’re using tea bags or fresh herbs, don’t be shy when it comes to combining different flavors. Learning your favorite method and herbs to use will make you an expert at turning to tea rather than turning to coffee.

3. Skip the cafe & save some money!

When you get to the point of enjoying your own home brewed tea, the coffee shop becomes far more obsolete. Save that money for a rainy day and enjoy holding that warm cup of tea you’ve created yourself. This doesn’t mean that you should never go back to a cafe, but it does mean that you won’t feel the weight of needing a sugary, caffeinated drink in order to carry out your Monday.

Breaking your coffee addiction is a long process. Your best chance of success is based on your ability to substitute, recognize the habitual aspect of the addiction and your ability to transition those habits to a substance that will nourish and protect you. Tea is an extremely valuable and versatile tool for transitioning off of coffee so don’t be afraid to experiment and have always have faith in the process.

Watch this Sweet Freedom Sunday video to start you off with a couple recipes that are anything but boring!