These are luscious and delicious and can be topped with smoked salmon, prawns, real smoked ham or the avocado salsa listed below. You can make the batter up a day in advance and cook them fresh on the day.

Silky Savoury Corn Cakes
Makes 50 finger food sized corn cakes or 14 pancake sized cakes

– ½ cup cornmeal or polenta
– 2 cups water
– 60 ml first cold pressed extra virgin olive oil
– 1.5 cups self raising flour
– 1 tsp sea salt
– 2 eggs, lightly whisked
– 1 cup milk
– 1/3 cup sour cream
– handful of chives finely chopped, I like heaps
– ½ half birds eye chilli, finely minced
– 2 cups corn, fresh is best (frozen is next best but if in a tin it’s culinary sin)

Notes:Cook polenta with water until thickened like porridge, remove from heat and add olive oil. Stir until smooth and spread on a baking sheet until cool. Mix wet ingredients and dry ingredients separately and fold though together.

Oil hot plate or non stick skillet and cook pikelets until the bubble form on the surface, flip and cook 2 minutes further.

Serve with Avocado Salsa

Avocado Salsa

– 1 ripe avocado
– Juice of 1 lemon
– 4 large or 7 smallish spring onions, chopped finely
– Sea salt and freshly ground pepper to taste

Notes: Remove avocado from skin and pit and mash roughly so that you end up with a mix of chunks and mash then add half the lemon juice, salt and pepper and spring onions and lightly mix through and adjust according to taste, only use the whole lemon if necessary.

Assemble avocado salsa on corncakes.