Scarcity of quality food, quality of deep human connection, scarcity of trust, scarcity of love, caring, scarcity of purpose and vision is what we are filling our lives with today. But when you have a life full of all these things your life becomes so abundant that food is used for its highest purposes only which does include pleasure but in a healthy context.

Obesity is not a genetic inheritance it is a lifestyle inheritance. 
Throw away the scales…..(unless you’re a fish) scales can’t possibly measure the goodness in your heart, what a giving, caring loving intelligent person you are, they can’t measure your wisdom, your worth, or your contribution to the planet. Throw them out and start to weigh how much lighter you feel taking care of your health from the inside out. The healthiest cultures on the planet don’t measure their food, their wastes, their weight; they don’t measure fat grams, sugar content, or their worth by their body. Imagine how absurd it would be to picture the healthy people in the Hunza valley standing on a scale? You only have to look at your body to know, if you can grab handfuls of fat from any part of your body with the exception of breasts chances are you are carrying too much. There is no such thing as a FAT person…you can have too much fat on your body but that does not make you fat unless you think you are…if you think you are then you are only by virtue of how you think. No one becomes obese by accident.

Political correctness has gone wrong when it promotes acceptance of obese bodies. Absolutely accept, appreciate, love, and respect the person within the body but do not endorse the unhealthy preventable condition of an obese body. Imagine promoting the acceptance of anorexic people starving themselves and saying ‘emaciated is beautiful’… ok apart from the whole modeling profession! Love the person but don’t love or accept the condition. If you think you are fat, you will be at any size. The antidote is to think healthy, feel healthy, and you will be drawn to actions that will lead you to be healthy.

Be Kind to Your Body 
Take care of your body and do it from a position of self love, what I call ‘selfness’ related to goodness. If you do this you are far more likely to make healthy decisions about your body.

There is no one way of living healthy
the body, and the planet allow and foster diversity, variety of cultures, and personalities which make the globe interesting and fun. Feed the body, the soul, and the mind quality fuels and enjoy how wonderful it feels. Food can nourish the body, please the palate, enrich the soul, and satisfy hunger. Ignoring even one aspect of this, denying the whole experience limits the awareness and depth of experience. It is not realistic to expect to experience all aspects every time you eat but if you are fortunate it can happen when you are present and collectively can be part of your eating experience.

There is no down side.