Can you hear your body speaking to you? It’s happening, RIGHT NOW.  Many of us do not have a good relationship with our bodies because we don’t stop and listen to it until it starts screaming at us.

It’s impossible to realize how amazing your body truly is unless you stop and take the time to connect and listen to it. Developing a healthy relationship with your body is so crucial to taking control of your own health.

As we all know, the foundation of a great relationship is communication. In order to communicate with your body, you need to develop some listening skills.

It’s hard to distinguish what our body is telling us when it seems like it’s sending us mixed messages. What happens when we have cravings? Does listening to your body mean giving in to cravings for that candy bar, or refined sugar-filled soda drink? It may be nice to think that, however, that isn’t your body talking, that’s the addiction screaming above your body’s communication.

If you think your body is asking for highly processed “foods” pumped with preservatives and chemicals all packaged up in some shiny plastic – think again. The key is hear what your body is saying when it calls for nourishment.

The difference between a craving and your body communicating with you is that your body’s communication is much more subtle than the loud cries of addiction. These subtle signs can sometimes point to deficiencies. For example, if you’re deficient in vitamin C you will sometimes crave citrus.

So what’s the best way to flex this communication muscle? Get quiet. Stop and take some time to actually listen to what your body is saying. As human mammals, we get one body to live in and your connection to your physical body is extremely powerful if you’re able to listen.

The more you listen to the subtle signs, the more in tune you will become with your body. If you learn how to listen to your body when it whispers, then you won’t have to listen to it scream.