You’ve boarded the Sweet Freedom train and you’ve declared your dedication keeping your end goal in mind. Today, you’re walking down the street, work, family and personal stress mounting on your shoulders. Out of the corner of your eye you notice that you’re now passing by the donut shop you used to visit on a weekly basis. They have your favorite Old Fashioned’s in the window, just begging you to stop the train and hop off for a pit stop.

“Just one…” runs through your mind as you begin to create a story in your mind that this one donut is not enough to derail your recovery. Next thing you know, you’re turning to your old comfort of dealing with the mounting stress, a sugary fix that takes you out of that stressful state for just a moment.

The reality is that these “Just one…” moments are hard to avoid and unfortunately, just one teaspoon of sugar can kick your sugar addiction back into full swing. So in a world with triggers all around, what can you do to keep from falling victim to the “Just one..” story that runs so easily through your mind? Relying on these strategies can keep your train running toward your destination, empowering you to notice, contemplate and ultimately move on from the trigger in front of you.

1. Have a tea bag with you!

Sounds simple but always keeping a tea bag in your purse means you can walk right into that donut shop, ask for a cup of hot water and indulge in your favorite herbal tea that will nourish you and allow you to be present in your journey to Sweet Freedom. Hint: Licorice tea is wonderful because it gives you that hit of sweetness without spiking your blood sugar

2. Essential Oils

Carry your favorite essential oil with you. We love using “Sweet Ease” essential oil blend, developed by herbalist Michelle Bonnie, it is the perfect tool to take you out of the state that isn’t serving you. When you’re feeling stressed and a trigger presents itself, take out your essential oil, put it on your pulse points, hold them up to your nose and inhale. Taking a moment to nourish yourself in this way pulls you out of the pattern of stressful situation = indulging in sugar to dull the stress.

3. Take yourself out of the situation & nourish yourself in a non-food way

Is the group of people you’re with deciding that an ice cream treat is the best way to finish off the day? Is everyone but you indulging in a glass of wine and a piece of cheesecake? Removing yourself from the situation by going for a little walk on your own or even stepping into the next room to sit quietly and take some deep breaths is an extremely effective way to nourish yourself in a non-food way.

Using these tools will keep you riding the train full steam ahead to Sweet Freedom. If you find yourself being triggered and indulging in a sugary vice, don’t fret. Sit with the feeling of indulgence and notice what it feels like to have that “Just one…”
Does it make you feel stronger or weaker? Many times you feel weaker after the fact both physically and mentally – cue the brain fog, weakened immunity and lack of motivation. Taking a moment to realize the way that “Just one” makes you feel is crucial to making these stops fewer and far between.

Before you know it you find yourself walking down the street past your favorite donut shop, that “Old Fashioned” catches your eye once again and you have no issue nodding to that old vice and saying, “No, thank you” as you stride forward with mental clarity and a general aura of lightness as you realize, THIS is what Sweet Freedom is all about.