Knowing when to give up sugar is a question many people have because they often want to know when they will have the best chance at making lasting change. The simple answer to this question is that there really is no wrong time to give up sugar.

There are an unlimited amount of wrong WAYS to give up sugar, but as far as timing goes, giving up sugar can provide new perspective and emotional strength during any time of your life. If your life is extremely busy at the moment and you’re stuck in the cycle of thinking, “Once, things calm down a bit, that is when I’ll commit to the change.” The reality of this thought process is that you’re simply deciding not to focus your energy on the change.

It is far easier to stay on sugar, and use it to keep you running in the short term than it is to tackle the beast of sugar addiction. The reality of starting the journey, however, is that it will provide you with far more resilience to your environment and will undoubtedly make you more physically adaptable to stressful times.

If things are crazy during your life right now, your best way to combat a seemingly inevitable rundown is by eliminating your body’s reliance on processed sugars. As long as you are coming at it with a strategy in mind, there will be no downside to giving up the white stuff for the right stuff.

The Sweet Freedom program provides you with a multidimensional strategy and in depth tricks and tips to heal your sugar addiction, but, here a few simple tips you can use to begin the journey without feeling overwhelmed.

1. Try eating veggies for breakfast

This can be a weird concept for some people to wrap their head around but eating a nourishing plate full of veggies void of processed ingredients is the best way to start your day. You won’t experience the rapid blood sugar spike you would from eating a muffin or a croissant and this means sustained energy throughout the morning and setting your day up for success.

2. Experiment with lunch salads using the Glory Dressing

When you’re first starting to warm up to the idea of salads, the Glory dressing (link to dressing recipe here) is the best tool to use. Known as the “converter dressing” this simple recipe can make any green taste amazing. Try it on your next bed of greens with your favorite veg. Eating a large nourishing and energizing salad for lunch will keep your mind clear throughout the day.

3. Build a hearty, nourishing soup for dinner

A nice warm wholesome bowl of soup stocked with quinoa or potatoes, some brightly colored veg and lots of greens can be the best comfort to end your day. Sitting down to a bowl of soup will not only keep you comforted during stressful times but will keep your present. Eating soup is like an experience that you take in one bite at a time.

Even in the most stressful situations, you can use these simple tips that focus on whole foods to keep yourself nourished and energized. This means you’ll be equipped to handle any issue that comes your way.

The one caveat to this is when you are in such extreme emotional distress that your choice has become either sugar or self harm. In these cases, it is less harmful to indulge in the safety of sugar than to bring yourself any harm. You can use the substance to get through the heightened drama state of the situation and once that has passed, you will then be able to engage yourself in the process of nourishment