Having struggled with weight my entire life, I spent a large portion of my time trying to figure out how to stop the cycle of yo yo dieting.

I’d often start a new diet feeling motivated and inspired! But it wasn’t long until my cravings got the better of me and i’d be face deep in a box of donuts.

When it comes to losing weight, it’s so easy to get caught up in the short term goals. It’s almost an addiction to calculate how much weight you would need to lose in order to fit into a certain dress by a certain occasion.

What ends up happening is that those short term goals, even if they are realized, are hardly sustainable. This is because when you are hyperfocused on the short term, you lose sight of the core reason why you wanted to lose weight.

At Sweet Freedom, we are not about just completing a program and being done with the work. This is a lifetime commitment. That may seem daunting but once you realize that these changes are not just about fitting into a dress and they’re all about your quality of life those short term occasions, while they are great motivators, are a small part of what you are building for yourself.

Breaking from the diet mentality is extremely difficult because as humans, we love to set goals and reach them. This is great if you want to diet for three weeks but then you realize that this strategy doesn’t work when it comes to overall wellbeing.

Drastically changing your lifestyle for a short amount of time only to return to previous habits when it’s over takes an exhausting toll on your mind and body. In order to make lasting change you need a defined strategy and tools that you can implement each day to keep you on track.

At Sweet Freedom, we call the journey to overcome sugar addiction the Sweet Freedom Train. You may step off the train at times but you always get back on and head toward your destination because this process is not just about looking good at that wedding, it’s about finding what motivates you to live to the absolute fullest you can for the rest of your years on this planet.

One of the biggest signs of long term success is that the individual has community to rely on throughout the process. We are social creatures and without a sense of community, the long term journey can become a bit too daunting for one person to handle.

That is why when you join Sweet Freedom, you have lifetime access not only to the program but to a community of people that are also on the Sweet Freedom Train. When you find it too difficult to be strong for yourself, you always have a group of people to turn to. This is what makes the difference between short term successes and long term sustainability.

This is not to completely discredit short term goals, however, as they can be a valuable part of your process as long as you are recognizing that they are part of a much longer game that will continue on after any event that you are looking forward to.