Giving up sugar means stepping into a more powerful you. Before this more powerful you is unveiled, however, there can be some nasty and sometimes traumatic withdrawal symptoms. From withdrawal shakes, migraines and off the chart cravings, it’s no wonder why addressing sugar addiction can be quite daunting. Getting off of sugar doesn’t HAVE to hurt, however, and Sweet Freedom is here to show you how.

The cold turkey method of giving up sugar may only be necessary for those facing debilitating chronic pain or a life-threatening diagnosis. Even then, there are ways to manage the process and limit the discomfort of sugar withdrawal.

Sweet Freedom champions the gentle way to give up sugar and it goes a little something like this:

  1. Replace

First, we remove the highly toxic, refined and processed forms of sugar that are present in your routine and in your kitchen. We replace these with more nourishing and natural forms of sugar, essentially “higher grades” of the drug. This makes it so that the pacifier and soother that sugar is to you is less toxic and less addictive. This ultimately lessens the hold that sugar has on you.

  1. Move in the good stuff!

This stage is all about hyper-nourishment. As we shuttle out the nasty sugars, high fructose products and artificial sweeteners, we bring in the good stuff. This happens in the form of vegetation. The more we bring in these highly nourishing foods, your body won’t call out for sugar the way it used to because you’re actually providing it with what it is asking for. Through this process, the cravings dissipate.

  1. Remove toxicity mentally, emotionally and spiritually

This crucially significant step takes a look at where else there is toxicity in your life. The program has you look at your conversations, what you read, what you watch and much more. We then identify how these may be malnourishing your life. We identify these sometimes toxic experiences and start to infuse nourishment into them.

Once you have removed the physical toxicity of sugar in your life, it creates a more solid foundation for you to explore and step into the powerful you that is undoubtedly there. Through this process we can help you create a life that has even more pleasure in it than your sugar-full life.

If you are looking to get off of sugar free naturally and discover a more powerful you, board the Sweet Freedom train and join this inspiring movement. We would love for you to be a part of it.