You know that feeling when you start something new and you’re beyond excited about it? Have you ever had the urge to get your family and friends on board because you want them to experience that same excitement only to be met with resistance.

As humans, it is natural for us to want our loved ones to experience joy and enlightenment. Often times when someone decides to make a healthy change in their life and it affects them positively, they run to their family and friends to tell them about how good they feel.

The desire to have our loved ones feeling as great as we do can have the opposite effect we want it to, however. If you are constantly trying to push a change on someone, it doesn’t matter how well-intentioned you are – you may very well be met with resistance.

If you really want your loved ones to make a change, let them come to you. By treating yourself as your own responsibility and living the healthy changes that you want to see, they will be drawn to your positivity. When they are ready to make a change, they will come to you.

So what’s the best way to navigate these waters and get our family and friends to hop on board when you want them to experience life from a healthier lens? Here’s our Sweet Freedom strategy to getting your family and friends to give up sugar with you!

  1. Cook for them!

Pick a Sweet Freedom recipe you really love to prepare and make them a meal. Make sure you’re doing this from a place of love and serve it to them without any investment. Cooking your loved ones a meal is not about tricking them into being healthy, it is about sharing a meal and being present with one another.

  1. Get centered and certain about your choices

This piece is about being 100% accountable to yourself. No one else is responsible for getting you off of sugar and keeping you off of it except for you. When you are accountable to yourself and make changes accordingly, the people around you will be able to tell the difference and they will come to you when they want to make similar changes.

  1. Offer up the 7 Day Eat Less Sugar Challenge!

Getting off of a sugar as a group can be helpful. Offer to do this challenge with a group of your loved ones with no expectation of their participation. If they want to do it, great! If they don’t, you try it and show them how great you feel by focusing on yourself rather than trying to force a change on them.