In the throws of sugar addiction, there is a constant bombardment of high sugar content on your palate. This means that we become numb to the actual sweetness of the food we’re consuming. This is not only dangerous for our bodies but for our minds as well.

It may seem difficult to tear yourself away from the constant sweet cravings but one of the best ways to make the transition easier is to begin to develop your savoury palate. It is so difficult to imagine yourself enjoying a nice savoury salad as much as you enjoy that chocolate-loaded pastry, but don’t doubt yourself, this is well within your reach.

The first and most helpful step you can take to getting yourself to appreciate the more subtle sweetness of life is to learn to love salads. Most people, when they think of salads tend to think they’re a side dish avoided at all costs.

What most people don’t realize is that the magic in learning to love salads is in finding a quality dressing to make it come alive. This doesn’t mean grabbing a bottle of Ranch off the shelf, however, it does mean learning to craft your own dressings that make you want to eat salads all day.

Making a simple vinaigrette can turn your salad into a masterpiece that you can’t get enough of. The best part of experimenting with salad dressings is that once you find one you fall in love with, it is so easy to throw it on any medley of veggies and turn it into your new favorite meal.

Making your own beautiful dressing starts by using the best ingredients. Using fresh lemon, sea salt, and a good quality olive oil you have the base of a beautiful vinaigrette. Try shaking those up with balsamic or apple cider vinegar and you are well on your way to developing your own unique dressing. See the Tomato Vinaigrette Sweet Freedom Sunday video for inspiration on how to make a fresh summer tomato vinaigrette.

If you’re used to loading up on the creamier dressings like caesar or ranch, try making some dressings with nutritional yeast. The yeast flakes give your dressing a creamy, cheesy taste and texture that is both delicious and packed with b vitamins.

A huge misconception about salads is that they have to be green. Yes, salads often have a base of a bed of greens, but this can sometimes turn people off to the idea of making a salad. What most people don’t realize is that salads don’t need to be all greens, mostly greens or even green at all. Tossing a bunch of fresh or cooked veg together can come together perfectly with the right dressing.

Try experimenting with new vegetables you’ve never cooked with before. Roasting up a bunch of vegetables and tossing them with your favorite dressing is the best way to enjoy a colorful meal that isn’t necessarily a bunch of leaves as most people see salads as.

As your palate begins to shift you will realize that there is nothing more satiating and satisfying than a variety of fresh veggies tossed with your deliciously creative dressing.

So as you embark on the journey to developing your savoury palate and learn to recognize the simple sweetness in foods you used to see as savory, always remember that a good quality homemade dressing and some experimental vegetables are the best first steps in this rewarding transition to nourishing your body.