One of the major root causes of sugar addiction is loneliness. As emotional human beings, we look for fulfillment in many forms and when our social interaction is lacking and we feel disconnected. Sugar can creep in and temporarily fill that void.

Disconnection doesn’t feel good in our souls and in some ways, sugar can seem like the perfect friend to turn to when we are feeling disconnected. Why is it so easy to turn to sugar? It’s cheap, easy to get a hold of, and it keeps great secrets (until it starts to show on you physically).

An unhealthy relationship with sugar is not without consequences, however. Most often, we feel regretful after indulging and the relationship can become abusive because of the nasty effects it has on our bodies.

Sugar keeps us dependent as it spikes our blood sugar and traps us in a detrimental cycle both physically and psychologically.

So how can we combat this loneliness that often leads us to our worst sugar problems?

  1. Share a meal with someone

Connecting with another human over food is one of the most primal connections we have. Choose to have your next meal face to face with a loved one or someone you’d love to get to know and notice how the social connection fills you up faster than the meal itself.

  1. Is physical proximity of your loved ones an issue? Try a Skype meal!

It may not be the same as sharing a meal in person but having someone to chat with over Skype as you nourish yourself can do wonders for the soul

  1. Go for a walk outside

Even better if you can do this with a friend but if not, just having the connection with your natural surroundings can keep the loneliness at bay as your soul opens up to the natural possibilities around you.

  1. Get involved with something bigger than you

It can be easy to lose ourselves in our own daily drama that runs through our brains. When we apply and direct that energy to helping a cause we feel passionately about, we are relieving the anxiety and associated loneliness that comes with disconnection. Not to mention, there is an endless amount of wonderful like minded people just waiting to meet you.

  1. Get creative

Feeding your soul with intentional creative exploration is one of the most uplifting and amazing ways to combat loneliness. No matter what form that takes, it could be art, conversation, sports, writing, cooking – explore the creative side to yourself and watch as your loneliness dissipates because it feels so good to explore your own creations.

Hesitation to connect with the people around us can mean that there is some unfinished business that needs to be tended to. This can be scary and intimidating but without that connection, we may remain stuck in the cycle of loneliness and possible sugar addiction.