If you’ve ever experienced a sugar hangover then you know first hand what the immediate impacts of sugar are on your body. Long term, the negative effects of overconsumption of sugar compound to create a body susceptible to chronic disease, cancers, lowered immunity and depressed demeanor. If you’re already a part of the Sweet Freedom community, then you already know this, so today we’re going to take a look at the glass half full.

Now that we’ve exhaustively covered the negative effects of eating sugar, let’s look at all the benefits that come from giving up sugar. Discover how giving up processed sugar can sweeten your life. Give yourself 7 days free of sugar and see these results follow:

  1. Even energy
    Consuming less sugar allows your body to have a restful sleep, that means waking up actually feeling rested and ready to conquer the day. There is nothing more empowering than being able to carry out the entire day with steady energy and clarity of thought. You’ll also find that when you cut out sugar, you won’t crave it because eating the sugar is what actually ignites the subsequent cravings.
  2. LOVE the way you look
    Processed sugar creates oxidation within the body and increased oxidation ages you faster. Quitting processed sugar means decreasing oxidation and actually looking and feeling younger. Not only will you look younger but that excess weight you’ve been carrying around will fall off of you without all of that processed sugar dampening your metabolic potential.
  3.  Improved immunity
    Sugar dampens the immune system in a big way so when you cut it out for seven days, your gut (the site of 80% of our immune system) is given a chance to repair itself. By putting in nourishing foods, it gives your gut a chance to do its job and provide protective immunity against disease. Dr. Nancy Appleton has connected sugar to 144 different diseases and conditions so by giving up sugar you are automatically decreasing your chance of getting these diseases.

The good news about the erosion that sugar creates in your body is that by strategically cutting it out, you can protect yourself and actually reverse the effects through nourishing your body and soul. If you think you could afford to see these positive impacts in your life, take a look at your sugar consumption and board the Sweet Freedom train to eating less sugar in 7 days.