Have you ever had that nagging craving for sweetness? You mention out loud that you’re craving something sweet and your loved one says they’ve got some fresh fruit, “Would you like some?”

You immediately think, “That’s not the type of sweetness I mean”. This is a confusing trend because in nature, the sweetness of a piece of fresh fruit should be enough to satiate that craving your feeling.

The difference, however, lies in the association we now draw between relief and the intense taste of sweetness that comes with consuming the drug of refined sugar.

The euphoria you may experience from having refined grains or highly processed sugars allows you to escape the discomfort of what you’re feeling for just a short while.

So what can we do when these intense cravings show up and you’re not sure that a piece of fruit will suffice? The key is to be conscious of these types of cravings.

Instead of blindly giving in to the need for refined sugar, take a moment to yourself to recognize what this type of craving feels like in your body. The key is to slow down and examine your decision process that follows this type of craving.

When we get quiet and decide to examine these feelings, we can learn so much about ourselves and our relationship with food.

Next time you feel one of these cravings, take a deep breath – get a segment of that fresh fruit in your refrigerator, take a bite and close your eyes. Notice how those natural sugars feel on your tongue.

If you’re finding that the fruit is satiating you, that is wonderful! If you’re finding that it’s not, this is the perfect time to get out your journal, go for a walk or if you don’t feel like being alone – phone a friend.

The more you encounter these situations, the more experience you will have with this decision process. And with anything, continuously building those positive patterns allows you to develop a healthy relationship with your body and the food you’re ingesting.