As humans, we love when things fall neatly into one of two categories. This is why some people feel as though they should be either ON sugar or OFF of sugar. The reality of the situation is that no matter how hard we try, we are far more complicated than an ON/OFF switch.

When it comes to healing from sugar addiction, we refer to it as a journey. This means that at one point during the process you may feel as though you need to be 100% void of any sugar intake and at another point you may feel as though you can definitely handle having a piece of cake at a birthday party.

The point is that it’s not going to always be a black and white scenario. Working through the grey areas is how we heal from sugar addiction.

It is important to realize where you’re at on your journey and to be honest with yourself in that assessment. If you know that you can’t handle being around sugar at a certain point of your journey, be kind to yourself and try to avoid those situations.

Once you’ve built up your confidence and want to try and challenge your progress in a smart way, you can consider letting sugar play a certain role in your life. Sugar isn’t going to go away completely, so you might as well equip yourself with the best possible tools to handle its presence.

If you’re on the Sweet Freedom journey or you’re looking to start, here are some points we want you to remember along the way:

  • We are complex living beings that are set up to be addictive. This works really well when we’re sourcing our food directly from nature but can becomes a major issue with our modern way of eating.
  • There are spaces and times in life where it is not helpful to have an all or nothing mentality. Depending on your physiology, level of addiction and general phase of life, this will look different for everyone.
  • The key is to be kind and compassionate to ourselves and recognize that this is indeed a journey. We can make that journey a lot sweeter by judging ourselves and those around us a little less.