What Type Of Sugar Addict Are You?

Sugar addiction is the most widely spread yet least talked about addiction. This is why we developed a quiz to determine how addicted to sugar you are. Click the button below to start our FREE quiz.

“I’m addicted to sugar”

These were the words that prompted the start of my Sweet Freedom Journey.

As soon as I accepted that my relationship with sugar was an addiction, it was a huge weight off my mind.

For years I had blamed my inability to follow diets on a lack of willpower and assumed I would never be free of the snacks and treats I relied on when times got tough.

My attitude towards food was that of an addict.

I would bake myself a batch of cookies, expecting them to last a week, but would finish them all in one sitting.

My work desk had a draw of emergency sweets in case I got stressed or, more often, bored.

There were times when I would drive the long way home so that I could stop by my favourite ‘sugar dealer’. 

Sugar vs Cocaine

Strict diets and going cold-turkey fail 95% of time.

Sweet Freedom attributes this to the addictive nature of the foods we are eating, especially heavily processed foods like sugar.

Sugar lights up the brain’s dopamine receptors 8x more than cocaine.

Dopamine is the chemical in our brain that motivates us to seek rewards.

In this case, when you see, hear, taste, or even think about sugar, your brain will be triggered to take action in order to obtain that next sweet treat.

But sugar can’t be THAT addictive, right?

Well, ask yourself this…

What If Sugar Was Made Illegal Today?

Imagine if processed sugar was made illegal today AND it was just as expensive as cocaine or heroin.

This would mean that 74% of all products from your local supermarket would be taken off the shelves.

How would you react? Your friends & family? Society?

I’m betting it wouldn’t take long for a riot to break out. 

I’m addicted to sugar, but how do I quit eating it?

Like with all addictions, the first step is acknowledging you have an addiction.

This can be a big undertaking.

Who wants to voluntarily give up their favourite treat?!

At Sweet Freedom, we don’t encourage you to give up sugar all at once.

By taking our What Type Of Sugar Addict Are You Quiz”, you have already recognized that sugar has a hold over you in some capacity. 

The quiz will not only measure how addicted to sugar you are, but also provide tips and strategies to curb your sugar cravings.

Changing your eating habits does not happen overnight.

Even taking one small step in the right direction is progress.

Just think, that one small step could lead to a whole new YOU.

Love & Hugs,


What Type Of Sugar Addict Are You?

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