If you are trying to quit or limit sugar, work can be a dangerous place. What with a birthday cake pulled out for numerous birthday’s a month, sweet options at reception, snacks that spike blood sugar in vending machines, desserts left in the coffee stations, being guilted into supporting fundraisers by purchasing cookies and chocolates, or that stash of something in your desk to get you through the day.

It’s a wonder any work gets done. Have you even convinced yourself that snacks and treats are helping you to focus (even though the science shows otherwise)? I certainly have and know first hand that the mind can justify anything. In about 36 hours I’ll be on a plane to Orlando for the International Federation of Employee Benefit Plans to speak on Sugar in the Workplace.

I’m thrilled that sugar is on the agenda for the conference covering INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS to Addiction and Mental Health which is why today’s Sweet Freedom Sunday I’m addressing this sticky subject.

Love and hugs, Sherry