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Christina lost 60lbs but gained so much more!

“I am so grateful to have found this program and can’t  recommended it enough.  A big shout out  to Sherry and my fellow travellers on the Sweet Freedom train. I wouldn’t have done without you.”

Christina Hennig

Long-Lasting Results

Hundreds of people are having success with the Sweet Freedom 8 Week Online Program.


This program is home to our most supportive, loving and successful sweet freedom community. Together, we make the journey to a sugar-free lifestyle easier, as we focus on making progress, not perfection. We combine this with a strict Judgement Free Zone policy (and this included judging yourself!) and Weekly Live Group Coaching with Sherry Strong.


We take a realistic, sustainable approach to evolving our eating habits, supporting each other every step of the way. We would love for you to join us!

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To find out if this program and community is right for you, schedule in a free 30 minute consultation call with one of our Sweet Freedom success coaches. We will answer any questions  you may have, and find out if you’re a right fit for the program.


Monika Wolfenden

“Down to earth approach. Not hard to stick to meal plans. Sherry is extremely knowledgeable in her field. Real life solutions. Highly recommend.”


Marina Giokas

“Love this programme, and Sherry has an amazing wealth of knowledge, that she very freely shares in these programmes. Great recipes that are super easy for anyone to execute, which makes this programme all that much more approachable, workable leading to success. Thank you Sherry for all that you do, very much appreciated.”


Pam Dennis

“Sweet Freedom provides numerous, really delicious recipes that have taught me how to eat sugar free - my friends are even clamouring for the recipes! Sherry also provides a supportive, on-line platform with other people in the program that has been instrumental in my 3 months of “sugar freedom”. For the first time, I can see myself having long term success in eating a healthy, balanced diet which I had pretty much given up hope in achieving. I feel better than I have in years and I am enjoying my “Sweet Freedom” immensely.”


Jenni White

"I loved the program I did with Sherry. I was so inspired I sent it to my Mom and my sister! Sherry teaches you everything from your emotional connection to food and triggers to reach for comforting foods like dairy, sugar and wheat / bread. I had no idea how programmed I was until I started watching her videos and then took her course. I wish everyone would do this! We would save ourselves from so much dis-ease and discomfort!"


Romny French

“I was pre-diabetic for years and had been struggling to get to a healthy A1C. Doing the Sweet Freedom Program helped me get over that threshold and now I’m out of pre-diabetic range.”


Gina Sauer

“I have been working with Sherry for many years and I have taken almost every course/program she has offered.
Sweet Freedom is THE program to take back your power and end the hold that sugar has on you. The most valuable tool I acquired from Sherry and the Sweet Freedom program is that LOVE is the most important ingredient/tool in life, in all areas, most importantly when doing the inner work. I highly recommend Sweet Freedom and Sherry Strong.”


Andy Parker

“A year ago I was drinking soda every almost everyday of the week. I couldn't imagine my life without it. Now my taste buds have adapted to natural whole foods, I can't stand the taste of soda, it's way too sweet for me! These programs work!”

8 Week Online Program

This program takes place over 8 weeks with a tested and proven strategic process. Sherry will guide you, along with our wonderful, supportive community in live group coaching sessions so you always feel supported.

We don’t have you giving up sugar until the 4th week. First we build up your body and mind to make the process of giving up sugar easier and more sustainable.