8 Week Online Program

Our most comprehensive sugar cessation program. Sherry guides you through her proven 8 week strategy to help you achieve Sweet Freedom. We don’t even have you give up sugar until week 4, as we spend the first 4 weeks preparing your mind and body to successful give the white stuff a kick!

“I am so grateful to have found this program and can’t  recommended it enough.  A big shout out  to Sherry and my fellow travellers on the Sweet Freedom train. I wouldn’t have done without you.”

Christina Hennig

What’s Included…

Full 8 Week Online Program

Over 7 hours of video coaching content, perfectly designed to help you give up sugar in just 8 weeks.

50 Sugar-Free Recipes

Delicious, all-natural recipes that will nourish you and help reduce sugar cravings.

Private Facebook Group

Our Judgement Free Private Facebook Group is where you can ask Sherry questions, share your challenges and successes with a wonderful community who are also on their Sweet Freedom Journey.

Lifetime Access

Because sugar is so difficult to avoid, there may be times where you hop off the Sweet Freedom Train. This is why we give you a lifetime pass so you can hop back on whenever you are feeling ready!

About Sherry Strong

Chef, Food Philosopher and Nutritionist

Having been twice her present size, Sherry has since tackled her own sugar addiction and gone on to help thousands do the same and achieve their own Sweet Freedom.

Are You Ready To Take The Challenge?


As Steven Pressfield says, the best way to overcome a challenge your are apprehensive about is to “Start before you’re ready”. It is in the act of doing, that we become ready.

“I was sick, obese, tired and wanted to die. That all changed when I got off sugar.”

Sherry Strong

What’s Included…

21 Day Sugar Free Challenge

50 sugar-free recipes, 4 levels of difficulty, weekly meal plans as well as tips and strategies to help you manage your cravings.

7 Day Eat Less Sugar Challenge

7 Day Program to help you sustainably reduce your sugar consumption.

8 Talks With Sugar Experts

8 bonus interviews with leading sugar experts including Damon Gameau from That Sugar Film, JJ Virgin, Ocean Robbins and many more.

Need Additional Support?

Our Platinum Coaching Package contains lifetime access to group coaching sesssions with Sherry.

Online Program


  • Full Online Program
  • Private Facebook Group
  • 7 Day, 21 Day and 30 Day Challenges
  • 5 Lifestyle Guides
  • 8 Bonus Interviews
  • Lifetime Access

Platinum Coaching Package


  • Full Online Program
  • 8 Weekly Live Coaching Sessions
  • Private Facebook Group
  • 7 Day, 21 Day and 30 Day Challenges
  • 5 Lifestyle Guides
  • 8 Bonus Interviews
  • Lifetime Access