21 Day Sugar Free Challenge

“I am so grateful to have found this program and can’t  recommended it enough.  A big shout out  to Sherry and my fellow travellers on the Sweet Freedom train. I wouldn’t have done without you.”

Christina Hennig

What’s Included…

50 Sugar-Free Recipes

Delicious, all-natural recipes that will nourish you and help reduce sugar cravings.

Weekly Meal Plans

Weekly Meal Plan examples with accompanying shopping lists so you can easily follow along.

Video Coaching

With Sherry Strong, Nutritionist, Chef and Creator of internationally acclaimed weight loss and nutritional courses

Feel The Benefits

In as little as 7 days on our program, we promise you will:

?  Wake up feeling more energized
?  Look & feel younger
?  Have more even moods
?  Have improved memory
?  Be able to think clearer
?  All while losing fat and toning up!


Kick That Sugar Habit!

Forget a 30 no sugar challenge we can do it in 21 days!

Join for only $47 27!

Going Sugar-Free can be hard, with sugar’s addictive nature, combined with the fact it is in everything, it’s everywhere and seems impossible to avoid. Our 21 Day No Sugar Challege makes the transition to a more sugar-free lifestyle so much easier!

Compared to spending…

Consultation with Sherry

$250 / hour

Fad Diet Food & Plans


Medical Bills

$ unlimited