? Reduce cravings, brain fog and low energy ? Eat nourishing foods that provide the nutrients and energy your body craves naturally, feel satisfied and energized. This is not a diet! ? Show up for your family, friends and coworkers, and when they all see the difference, tell them you’re getting that sweet, Sweet Freedom!

“I am so grateful to have found this program and can’t  recommended it enough.  A big shout out  to Sherry and my fellow travellers on the Sweet Freedom train. I wouldn’t have done without you.”

Christina Hennig

What’s Included…

50 Sugar-Free Recipes

Delicious, all-natural recipes that will nourish you and help reduce sugar cravings.

Weekly Meal Plans

Weekly Meal Plan examples with accompanying shopping lists so you can easily follow along.

4 Levels of Difficulty

This challenge accommodates for all levels of sugar addiction.

Tips To Curb Cravings

Tips & Strategies to manage those strong sugar cravings and support you during this challenge.

About Sherry Strong

Chef, Food Philosopher and Nutritionist

Having been twice her present size, Sherry has since tackled her own sugar addiction and gone on to help thousands do the same and achieve their own Sweet Freedom.

Kick That Sugar Habit!


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Learn how to curb sugar cravings and establish healthy, sustainable eating habits that will change your life forever!

Compared to spending…

Consultation with Sherry

$250 / hour

Fad Diet Food & Plans


Medical Bills

$ unlimited

Are You Ready To Take The Challenge?


As Steven Pressfield says, the best way to overcome a challenge your are apprehensive about is to “Start before you’re ready”. It is in the act of doing, that we become ready.